Technology for
Hydration Control

Real-time monitoring of your hydration level,
how many mineral salts you need and
how much water you need


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Revolutionary Technology

Swemax analyzes your sweat and measures water and mineral salts, the most critical factors that define your body’s level of fatigue.

You’ll always know in real time:

Hydration level
• how much water to replenish
• how many mineral salts to reintegrate

When dehydration exceeds 2% of your body weight, you are in danger!
Swemax keeps you safe because it reads your sweat data in real time and alerts you!

AI and Predictive Analytics

Thanks to Swemax's AI algorithm and its strong predictive ability, you can prevent cramps or overexertion by using data from your body. All data from the biosensor is sent and securely stored in the cloud where information is analyzed by our artificial intelligence algorithms. Workout after workout, Swemax will generate your digital alter-ego, Your Digital Me.

Easy to Use Innovative Technology

The Swemax System includes hardware for real-time monitoring, access to real time analytics, and feedback on every workout to help you train. How it works:

1. Synchronize your Swemax device via Bluetooth with the Swemax iOS App on your phone.
2. Snap the patch onto your Swemax device.
3. Place them in the pocket of your Swemax garment.
View your hydration data on the App as you go or  share the results with your personal trainer.

SWEMAX will be available in



By signing up, you will receive the latest updates and news from our Indiegogo campaign and from Swemax's world!

What you get

Revolutionary Swemax biosensor device and patches.

• Comfortable garment made from the same fabric used by Formula 1.

• The iOS app that will provide all the insight you need to improve your performance.

Biosensor/device: plastic shell made with generative design techniques and onboard Bluetooth.

Internal memory: to save data directly in the device.

Biosensor/patch: made of technical material that naturally absorbs sweat.

A sleeveless garment (for men and women) its seamless design hugs your body with greater wearability and breathability.

The sensor pocket has been designed to ensure greater comfort and the best potential for absorbing drops of sweat.

Tech specs


Swemax Analyzes your Body through Sweat

Swemax is the 1st patented wearable biosensor using the only technology that helps you to know your body and stay healthy by using data from your sweat. Through sweat analysis, you'll always know what your body needs in real time.

Safe and Completely Customized Training

Physical exertion varies from person to person, and we’ve designed Swemax to listen to your body.
Just synchronize the device with the Swemax iOS App on your smartphone to see the results of your performance step by step.
All the data presented and suggestions for optimizing your performance are immediate and easy to understand.

Media Highlights

The only technology that helps athletes know when to reintegrate water and mineral salts to prevent cramps and improve performance.

Knowing when is the perfect time to integrate liquids and minerals is not only every athlete’s dream, but also a valid tool for their health.

Every second, data collected from sweat is sent to a secure space in the cloud where Swemax AI processes the information and “gets to know” the body of the person wearing the sensor

Biometrica has created a solution consisting of an interchangeable patch that captures microscopic drops of sweat and transmits them to an electronic device.

On the one hand, brilliant intuition, on the other a team of young engineers all under the age of 30.

A drop of sweat contains information similar to a drop of blood, but until now, no one knew how to extract that information.

Our Awards and Partners

User Reviews

A device like Swemax can not only save your life when you’re in the mountains but can help all endurance athletes both during training and in competitions.


Endurance champion

Being able to constantly monitor what’s happening in our body is, in my opinion, fantastic.


Nutritionist biologist

Thanks to Swemax the athlete can understand, if at the start of the marathon he is “pushing” a little too much and intervene in time, slowing down to reach a slightly lower intensity of performance and/or hydrating more.


Professional athletic trainer

The Swemax Team

We love sports and tech, and we help people beat their personal records.
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We created Swemax in our Biometrica Research Center (in Parma, Italy) thanks to our amazing team that includes :

  • Experienced entrepreneurs, who are highy skilled in technological development ;

  • Materials scientists, with more than 95 scientific articles and 6 patents, they are experts in biosensors and materials science;

  • Industrial chemists, with direct experience in materials science research and sensor development;

  • IT and electronic engineers.

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Swemax is the revolution that every fitness enthusiast has been waiting for!

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